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Fire Brand Chemicals, is one of the leading research chemical providers in the market. We believe that partnering with scientists to better understand their challenges allows us to collaboratively work toward a common solution. More than just a seller, we are an active consultant for scientific and clinical laboratories using automated workflows. Due to COVID 19, shipping may be delayed but clients usually get their products.

Cart; Our pledge to exceptional customer service, proven technical expertise, and collaboration makes us the go-to supplier for all your scientific laboratory needs. From answering complex questions to rapidly delivering high-quality, affordable products, our value comes from a team of technically-trained individuals using a consultative approach to understand your unique needs in terms of research chemicals. Our main goal is to serve you at the highest level through proven products and satisfy you with our diverse set of innovative and designed new drugs.


Welcome to Fire Brand Chems. We are your most reliable vendor of research chemicals; mostly cannabinoids! We have been in this business since 2005 and we finally established in 2015 and have amassed a weight of experience that makes it easy for us to survive the ever-increasing competition in the industry.

We carefully select factories we deal with, taking quality and purity a yardstick to evaluate the reputation of our sourcing factory. We are always up to date! Once a product becomes scheduled or banned, we make sure to get them out of our stock list. This implies we do not deal or sell illegal research chemicals to our highly esteemed customers.

Here at Fire Brand Chems, we make our clients an integral part of our family! With us, it’s not all about making sales, but building long lasting relationships with all our clients for mutual benefits. Our clients’ safety comes first and as such, we make it a duty to inform our clients of the legal status of any research chemical they may want to order online.

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All specialty chemicals that reach your hands go through a stringent quality
control system. Samples of the chemicals you ordered are sent to a centralized
testing center to ensure maximum quality.
You will also be supported by a team of experienced sourcing experts
for any concerns over the chemicals you ordered.
You can also access your online order reports anytime, anywhere.

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Through the introduction of new products, combined with consistent growth of our product portfolio Atlantic Research Chemicals is placed at the forefront of new product development.

Small scale, Semi-bulk and Bulk quantities are available across the product range, all fully backed up by our very high standard of service throughout the quality, supply and delivery sectors.

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Our products are available from mgs through multi-gram to kilogram quantities. Custom pack sizes can be tailored to your needs. Please check products for stock availability.

Building Blocks from our Product List available ex-stock will be delivered within 1-3 days.

We aim to introduce new and commercially novel building blocks on a continual basis in order to offer new drug development opportunities. Please browse our latest products, we will be happy to discuss your future requirements.

Contact us for your orders and high products guarantees 100% quality and delivery and helps build a long lasting relationship with customers and research chemicals users at large.

Call, Message, WhatsApp/email Us @ +1 (408) 634-8885 or

Get in Touch and our well experienced professional marketing team will handle all your inquiries and orders.

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